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FIX.4.2 Standards (1st May 2001)

The FIX 4.2 specification delivered enhancements over FIX 4.1 in the following areas:

  • Enhancements to better support exchanges and ECNs (Market Data, Security Definition and Status etc.)
  • Program/Basket Trading support
  • 'Mass quoting' support for equity options
  • Support for Japanese requirements (Japanese character sets, order handling, and allocation support)
  • Enhanced foreign exchange capability
  • Fixed Income IOI capability for High Yield and High Grade corporate bonds
  • Order pre-allocation functionality.
  • Other enhancements and clarifications

The data presented here includes the 20010501 Errata which corrected a number of typographical errors or ambiguities in the original specification, and which introduced a number of new fields to address various omissions.