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FIX.4.3 Standards (20th Sep 2002)

The FIX 4.3 specification delivered enhancements over FIX 4.2 in the following areas:

  • Fixed Income product support
  • Collective Investment Vehicles (CIV) product (Mutual Funds, Unit Trusts, etc) support
  • Enhanced support for Derivatives products
  • Expanded support for Cross orders
  • Support for swaps and multi-leg instrument orders
  • 'Streetside' trade capture reporting (e.g. sellside to DTC in U.S.)
  • Enhancements to security and trading session definition and requests
  • Additional support for Asia/Pacific and Japanese requirements

The data presented here includes the 20020920 Errata which corrected a number of typographical errors or ambiguities in the original specification, and which introduced a number of new fields to address various omissions.

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