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FIX.5.0 Standards (30th Dec 2006)

The FIX 5.0 specification delivered enhancements over FIX 4.4 in the following areas:

  • Introduction of new Transport Independence Framework (FIXT) to separate FIX Session from Application Protocol
  • Extensions to support Derivatives post-trade processing
  • Foreign Exchange trading support including RFQ, streaming executable prices, and multiple instrument types
  • Support for US OATS Phase 2 and RegNMS regulations, and Europe\'s MiFID directive
  • Better support for market data book management and data optimization
  • Better support for order routing, trade capture, and external routing in an exchange environment.
  • enhancements to trade capture reporting to better support exchange reporting models.
  • New Execution Acknowledgement message allowing order initiator to explicitly acknowledge an execution report.
  • Chinese STEP 1.0 support
  • Algorithmic Trading extensions to provide a better framework to flexibly express algorithmic parameters.

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