Reimagining Financial Services APIs

FixSpec is on a mission to change the way our industry understands, makes, and maintains API connections.

APIs are the lifeblood of our industry. Orders passing from investors into markets. The drum beat of market data. Payment, clearance and settlement systems. It all happens though APIs.

So if APIs are so important, why do we accept such inefficiency in maintaining them?

At FixSpec, we believe that integration doesn't have to take so long and use so much energy - and we have built the solutions to help recode the way firms get and stay connected. We help our clients boost efficiency, and get their engines of growth running smoother and faster.

The Vision That Drives Us

We are reimagining the way APIs are managed and developed in financial services, building solutions that make connections pain-free and faster.

Our journey starts with the humble API document. Talk to people about these, and you will quickly see a pattern; nobody likes writing them, and nobody likes reading them. No wonder they are overlooked and unloved.

At the core of our vision is of different type of documentation. One that is faster to code, easier to view and share, and simpler to maintain. Most importantly, it shouldn't be trapped inside one static file, but made to be converted and reused to integrate into other processes as required.

We don’t believe in using the same old thinking or technology to solve the same old problems, which is why our API solutions and our company are built to be different.

Want to know how you can improve your firm's efficiency?

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What Some* Of Our Clients Say About FixSpec

Central has become an integral part of our onboarding process, it is an incredibly well thought-out tool that simplifies the onboarding process enormously and ensures a professional, slick interaction with clients and vendors.

Instead of certifications taking days, they are completed in minutes with much of the processes being self-service.

The team at FixSpec are excellent, they have gone above and beyond to make sure that every aspect of the process is painless and hassle-free.

Neal Lawrence, CTO, A2X Markets

Our aim is to make Aquis Exchange as time and cost efficient to connect to as possible. Our arrangement with FixSpec is an important step in this direction.

Alasdair Haynes, CEO, Aquis Exchange

Simplifying trading and enhancing access to our interface specifications makes it easier for market participants to build to our marketplace. Chi-X Australia's involvement in this global initiative with FixSpec is yet another example of Chi-X delivering innovation and higher service levels to Australian market participants.

Michael Aikins, CTO, Chi-X Australia

Embonds is disrupting the emerging market fixed income ecosystem by cutting out the middleman. Attracting liquidity to our innovative fixed income venue meant FIX integrations to as many buy-side OMS and EMS systems as possible, alongside our existing trader GUI and JSON API.

FixSpec took the time to understand our unique trading protocols, were instrumental in helping us to define the API workflows, develop comprehensive documentation and support us throughout our on-boarding of over 100 clients.

Greville Lucking, COO, Embonds

* Corporate policies block some other customers from giving quotes like these, no matter how much they us. You know how that goes...