FixSpec Vision

FixSpec is built on a simple vision: the current process of making connections in financial services is inefficient and needs to be improved.

The problem isn't the standards themselves, but the manual processes which surround them. So whether it's FIX or binary connections pre-trade, FpML in OTC derivatives, SWIFT post-trade, or custom market data formats, we believe that better tools can bring greater efficiency and speed of connectivity to the whole industry.

Connections are all about relationships. High quality, accurate documentation and fast, efficient onboarding are vital to making a great first impression. Our goal is to enhance (rather than replace) that customer experience by giving the right tools to the right people to allow connections to be made faster and with fewer errors.

Simple, right?

FixSpec isn't a normal financial services vendor

We don't sell expensive consultants, we loathe hidden fees and marketing gobbledygook, and you won't see us handing out branded pens from expensive conference stands.

We want to help solve your problems, which is why we treat every customer - no matter how big or small - as a trusted, long-term business partner rather than a number on a budget spreadsheet.

We build free tools to help turn developers and business analysts into connectivity superheros, and solutions for enterprises to make monitoring, certification and onboarding a breeze.

So take a look around and let us know what you think - we are

Chris Lees

Chris Lees
London, UK

Chris has been in FinTech for 18 years, working as product manager for banks, exchanges and a major software vendor. Like many business managers he felt that helpless feeling when clients took longer to connect to his products and services than expected.

He believes the whole industry of hard-working connectivity experts is let down by the lack of good tools, conflicting priorities and relationships of market participants, their vendors and target systems. Cost, inefficiency and compromise get in the way and prevent the whole industry from achieving its potential.

He works every day to find and eliminate barriers to making and maintaining connections of all types. Drop him a line at

Mahendra Patil

Mahendra Patil
Pune, India

Mahendra has been at the sharp end of financial services technology for 13 years with a major software vendor. His continual drive to master new technologies and skills has given him a great exposure to all aspects of enterprise development and deployment, from the front-end to low-latency, high-throughput market drivers.

He believes the delightful user experience and ease of use that we are all now accustomed to with consumer apps is painfully missing in financial services; especially in connectivity solutions.

He helps bring the latest and greatest technologies to FixSpec, and to ensure our tools are reliable yet engaging, and a pleasure to use. Connect at

Gwen Renaud

Gwen Renaud
Paris, France

Gwen has worked in the trading industry for over 16 years, implementing and supporting clients and exchange connectivity in Europe, US and Asia. One of the things that strikes her the most is how, in an industry that evolved so quickly toward sophisticated and standardized electronic protocols, the community of on-boarders is still using rudimentary tools to interact and complete their daily tasks.

She believes that in today’s environment, companies that stay ahead of the game invest in productivity tools to gain efficiency, make their resources achieve their full potential and keep their customer satisfaction high.

She is excited to be part of FixSpec, and have the opportunity to make a real difference by providing users with solutions they have been longing for. Drop her a line at

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