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Customer portal

Give your customers the power to self-serve the entire onboarding process; from access to the latest cloud specifications, through to testing & certification.

fixspec customer portal

Prefer to give your customers control? With fixspec, you can forget about PDFs, emails, and lengthy phone calls.

Our customer portal gives your customers the ability to instantly reference your FIX specification, build their integration, test, and certify all in one place. From your side, you have full visibility over where they are in the process, giving you easy-to-reference information on when each integration project will be complete.

When it comes to re-certification; revised specifications can be delivered directly to the customer portal, giving your customers the tools to easily reference updated fields, test and re-certify without you having to get involved.

With fixspec your customers can:

fixspec FIX specifications

Access cloud specifications

fix certification errors

Run concurrent tests as and when they like

fix certification error values fixspec

View human-readable feedback & errors

fix certification and report download

Self-certify with one-click reporting

fix cloud specifications fixspec

A fully-integrated connectivity platform.

fixspec is more than a set of tools, its a fully-integrated platform designed specifically to make connectivity projecst simple, repeatable, and transparent.

Give your customers access to the latest specifications, test & certify their connectivity, and manage multiple integration projects concurrently, all on one easy-to-reference dashboard.

fixspec is a suite of fully-integrated tools that enable you to onboard, certify, and re-certify customer integration from a centralised cloud-based platform.

Sound complicated?

We understand the challenges facing connectivity teams across the financial services industry. We can work with you towards faster, more automated integration processes but understand that this takes time.

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non-binary protocols FIX integration

We're not fixed on FIX.

FIX may be the backbone of our industry, but we appreciate that there are multiple protocols in use. And, although ‘fix’ is in our name, the fixspec platform can support a wide range of protocols. Whether they are industry-standard or proprietary, text-based or binary, we can work with your chosen protocol(s).

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Seamless FIX integration for any asset class.

Our FIX integration experience empowers us to offer innovative solutions to day-to-day challenges happening right now across the financial services industry. We’ve created a bespoke platform that works across all asset classes, making onboarding customers across Investment Banking, Trading Venues, and Financial Exchanges consistent, repeatable, and transparent.

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