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Workflow Management

Map out multiple workflowsautomate repeatable processes, and manage your onboarding timeline on a visual, easy-to-reference dashboard so that you know exactly where you are with onboarding each and every client.

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Define . Document . Optimise . Automate

We can work with you to define your process today, look for opportunities to standardise, and then document, test, optimise, and finally automate.

fixspec is a supported platform, which means we work with your internal teams to iterate and develop your processes over time, flow by flow. You can start today with one simple flow, then work with us to develop and improve this over time, in a cycle of increased efficiency.

fixspec task management

Visualise & track customer onboarding

fixspec workflow management

Map out custom tasks & workflows

repeatable task management

Automate repeatable processes

fixspec webhooks

Webhook integration with 3rd party systems

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We work with you & your existing processes.

We can review your existing processes, optimise, and build them into the fixspec platform.

Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is a pointless pursuit. We understand that your onboarding process is unique to you and your business, so we work with you to build that process into the fixspec platform.

It’s not our way or the highway, more your way and the platform to supercharge your onboarding process.

From creating a digital version of your spec, to integration and certification, our team can support you as you bring your FIX onboarding into the 21st century.

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non-binary protocols FIX integration

We're not fixed on FIX.

FIX may be the backbone of our industry, but we appreciate that there are multiple protocols in use. And, although ‘fix’ is in our name, the fixspec platform can support a wide range of protocols. Whether they are industry-standard or proprietary, text-based or binary, we can work with your chosen protocol(s).

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Seamless FIX integration for any asset class.

Our FIX integration experience empowers us to offer innovative solutions to day-to-day challenges happening right now across the financial services industry. We’ve created a bespoke platform that works across all asset classes, making onboarding customers across Investment Banking, Trading Venues, and Financial Exchanges consistent, repeatable, and transparent.

Find out why fixspec is the right solution for your customer onboarding.

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