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Our innovative electronic specs unlock new levels of productivity for developers:

Spec Search Engine - find it fast

Online Specifications - bye bye PDF

Compare Specs - prioritized differences

Visual Log Decoder - remember grepping?

Spec Update Alerts - always have the latest spec

Export Machine-Readable Formats - JSON, QuickFIX, fix8...

Search And Download - a massive library of specs and history

Online Specifications

Exchanges and brokers love their PDFs right? They are easy to produce but doesn't it make your job harder? Harder to search, impossible to parse and frequently out of date.

Our online specs are easy to navigate and search, and are always up to date. FIX, ITCH, binary, proprietary - we do them all.

OK, show me FIX 4.2 for example

Compare Specs

Need to see differences between two specs? Or see how "standard" a FIX interface is?

We compare online specs quickly and easily. We even prioritize differences to show you what to pay attention to first.

Really? Prove it with a real example

Visual Log Decoder

Reading logs is difficult and time-consuming even for grep ninjas. Paste a log into our decoder to see the traffic and errors quickly.

It's not just FIX standards - we use the custom messages, tags & values of our online specs.

OK, let me try it out

Spec Update Alerts

Need to know when a spec changes but don't want to join a generic email list?

We send you a free alert whenever we see an update to a spec you are interested in.

If you bookmark your latest version, we will even customise the update to tell you the gap between your version and the latest published version.

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