Slow Onboard = Delayed Revenue. Why Wait?

Radical New Approach To Onboarding

  • Certify clients in your environments with one click
  • Clearly see when a client sends unknown fields or values
  • Any protocol. Any asset class
  • Zero scripting. Zero professional services

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Monitoring Done Right

Central sits in your infrastructure, listening and parsing your traffic in real time.

  • Protocol agnostic - even internal protocols can be supported
  • Clustered architecture scales easily on commodity hardware
  • Index 2,500 messages per sec per CPU. How many CPUs do you need?
  • Message to screen in less than a second
  • Colour-coded timeline to spot errors quickly
  • Powerful search and automatic order chaining (tag 11/41 in FIX)

We know most firms build query tools in-house. Does your tool have these features? Is it actively developed and improved? How many resources support it?


Certify In One Click

Sounds too good to be true right?

Central knows your specs, sees traffic in your infrastructure and lets you build complex, multi-step certification scenarios using simple drop-downs. So it has everything it needs to analyse and capture certification evidence straight from your own UAT, certification or even production environment.

One click is all you need.

How much time do you spend grepping logs for certification evidence? How do you avoid inconveniencing your client by asking for order references? Would you like to re-certify a client based on their activity in production today?

Online Specification Editing

Most firms edit API specs in Word and save to PDF. Why use our in-browser editor?

  • It's faster (yes, really) and team editing is a breeze
  • It's machine readable - use it to configure other systems
  • Customers can use all of our free tools to connect to you faster
  • Our unique "functional views" let you clearly present specific functionality
  • It captures a better audit trail of changes
  • Publish in your branded PDF, as a web API or white-label our website

Using our online spec editor doesn't duplicate maintenance, it eliminates it by creating a single repository that keeps everything else in sync.

How do you keep systems synchronised as your spec changes? How many times is API data re-keyed? How often are you asked to explain how to enter a certain order type?

Project Management

A customer onboard has many moving parts and poor coordination delays revenue and frustrates business managers. Most firms don't have formalised project oversight, relying instead on email, Excel sheets or simply memory.

Central automates project management, boosting speed and efficiency. Keep everyone on the same page with automatically updating Gantt charts, live go-live estimates, and email task notifications.

How transparent and efficient is your process? Do you know when clients will go live or what blockers remain? How much time is spent giving internal updates?

Cloud API Simulator

Want to let clients develop at their own pace without having to book testing slots?

Our API simulators run in our cloud, offering developers realistic responses 24x7. Developers can even perform actions such as cancelling orders or busting trades.

Certification progress is captured of course, but the primary focus is on exploring the interface instead of a rigid "box-ticking" system with canned responses (it's why we call it a simulator and not automated certification).

Check in on client progress whenever you like to see the exact same screen they see.

Best of all, there's nothing to install and no scripting to do. We handle everything from setup and ongoing maintenance for a simple, fixed subscription.

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