In a production support or analyst function, a key part of your role is to identify and resolve issues that may be stopping customers trade effectively day-to-day. As well as affecting their bottom line, your ability to troubleshoot, pinpoint, and resolve issues will have a direct impact on their perception of you as an organisation and the quality of your customer service.

“The ability to identify issues and resolve them quickly, is key to successful production support.”

Here are three tools we believe are essential to support efficient production support.

1. A log parser that validates against your specifications

Logs are an essential part of any trading ecosystem, but the ability to digest them in a human-readable format is key to providing timely production support. Most FIX log parsers however fall short when it comes to accurate validation, parsing FIX messages against the FIX Standards rather than the specification of the target API itself.

FIX Workspace is a new app that allows you to decode messages against target specs, directly from log files, without sending sensitive data across the internet. This enables you to pinpoint errors quickly and easily, which in turn significantly reduces the time it takes to resolve issues in production.

FIX Workspace also brings specs and log files into one integrated workflow, where you can import messages, fields, and enumerations directly from your log files to easily maintain accurate, digital documentation.

Smart Parser in FIX Workspace

2. Quick access to a FIX dictionary

A good FIX dictionary is a key tool in the armoury of any FIX production support role. The ability to search and navigate through the FIX standards, referencing messages, fields, descriptions, and enumerations is a fundamental part of identifying and rectifying issues in production.

Historically, FIX dictionary and lookup tools have been clunky and hard to navigate. Rather than providing the information you need quickly and easily, it’s up to you to join the dots, establish context, and find the answer you are looking for. Until now, this has been the end of the story with no integration with your spec or parsing tools.

With FIX Workspace, you can search the FIX standards quickly and easily, and integrate messages, fields, descriptions, and enumerations into documentation and production support workflows, which means the end of the search doesn’t mean the end of the story.

FIX Lookup in FIX Workspace

3. Access to up-to-date, digital specifications

Knowing what to expect when validating or grepping log files is the first step in identifying and pinpointing production errors. Whilst existing log parsing tools can get you some of the way there, being able to validate messages against the specification of the API itself will give you a much more accurate picture of what’s going on.

The integrated parsing tool in FIX Workspace is designed to bring specs and logs files closer together. This however relies on the documentation being accurate in the first place, and in a format that your tools can read.

FIX Workspace is more than an integrated, smart parsing tool. It gives you the ability to import specs from Word or QuickFIX, enrich from log files and the FIX standards, or start from scratch by importing messages, fields, and enumerations from logs files or the FIX Standards.

With accurate, digital specifications at your fingertips, you can accurately identify errors, instruct customers and internal development teams to make changes, and provide a more efficient and transparent customer and production support experience.

Spec Library in FIX Workspace

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