Integrated tools to bring the FIX standards, logs, and API documentation into and integrated workflow. Start building Digital Documentation today.

FIX lookup is an integral part of the FIX workspace app, integrated with FIX Parser and Spec Library to enable you to troubleshoot errors quickly, and build Digital Documentation in an integrated workflow.

Quick Lookup

Use FIX lookup to identify messages, fields, and enumerations from the FIX Standards.

Message Validation

Validate messages from logs against the FIX standards, in addition to your Digital Documentation

Backfill Documentation

Build your specs from logs and backfill messages directly from the FIX Standards.

Security-first FIX tooling

We are acutely aware of the concerns and considerations when managing sensitive data. That’s why we built FIX Workspace with industry-leading security at its core.

  • All log data remains inside your network (not on the public internet)
  • All spec data is end-to-end encrypted
  • Spec sharing is secure, personal, with full tracking and audit trail

More from FIX Workspace

Integrated tools to streamline FIX connectivity.

Spec Library

Receive, create, edit, and share Digital FIX Specifications

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FIX Parser

Decode FIX messages against target specifications, not just the FIX Standards

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