Parse FIX messages and log files against target specifications, without sending data across the Internet

FIX Parser brings your specs and log files into one integrated workflow, with one-click import of messages, fields, and enumerations directly from your log files, and create accurate, customer-specific documentation.

Select Target Specs

Select digital specifications from your documentation library

Our FIX Parser enables you to decode log data against one or more FIX Specifications directly from your documentation library, enabling you to quickly compare validated FIX messages across versions.

Select Log Data

Securely input log data from multiple sources

Select log data from local or remote files, elastic search, or simply by copying and pasting a chunk of log file directly into the tool. All log data remains inside your network (not on the public internet) and all spec data is end-to-end encrypted.

View Decoded Results

View, filter, and utilise validated FIX messages

View decoded FIX messages in an easy to use UI, with real-time filtering and search, enabling you to pinpoint errors, correct and re-parse messages, and update Digital Specifications directly from FIX Parser.

Security-first FIX tooling

We are acutely aware of the concerns and considerations when managing sensitive data. That’s why we built FIX Workspace with industry-leading security at its core.

  • All log data in FIX Parser remains inside your network (not on the public internet)
  • All spec data is end-to-end encrypted
  • Spec sharing is secure, personal, with full tracking and audit trail

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