Send your specifications to the team at FixSpec and we will convert them into a digital, machine-readable specifications.

Our Spec Digitisation Service does all of the hard work of converting Word or PDF specifications into Digital, machine-readable API documentation. Digital Specifications enable you to decode FIX messages from logs against specifications, rather than just the FIX standards. You can also edit, manage, and share specs easily with both internal teams and customers.

Step 1

We take your legacy PDF or Word documentation in whatever format and condition it's currently in.

Step 2

We re-built, re-order, and re-structure your specifications, enriching from the FIX standards to produce a clean, Digital Spec.

Step 3

You receive Digital Specs, both human and machine-readable ready to decode against in FIX parser, built, edit, and share with customers and your internal teams.

PDFs are extremely difficult to convert without human intervention. PDF is an unstructured format and therefore isn’t machine-readable. Although there are tools available to convert PDF to Word, the end result still requires a lot of manual editing before achieving a clean specification that’s ready to digitise.

The first step to producing a clean, digital spec it to prepare the documentation that already exists. We therefore take your Word or PDF file as the source, work methodically through the document, re-ordering, re-structuring, and back-filling from the FIX Standards to produce a “complete” specification, ready to import into FIX Workspace.

The length of time required will depend on the number of pages in your specification, the number of technical messages, and the number of descriptions and examples that need to be included.

Time saved vs manual conversion

Getting started with Spec Digitisation

You can get started today by uploading a PDF spec into your FIX Workspace and request a quote. Alternatively, for pricing and more information, contact us today at or call +44 20 3962 0433.

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