Manage digital FIX specifications from a single source. Compare versions, manage changes, and publish to a distribution list

Whether you receive FIX documentation from banks or exchanges, or distribute specifications to customers connecting to you, Spec Library is an integrated documentation library enabling you to create, manage, and share digital, human and machine-readable FIX documentation.


Receive digital specifications directly into FIX Workspace

Simply give spec publishers your workspace ID and they can share digital specifications directly to FIX Workspace. Specs are available instantly in your workspace, avoiding error-prone re-keying and enabling immediate use in FIX Parser.


Create, edit, and manage working spec versions

Import your spec from Word, build from your log files, or start fresh using the FIX standards. FIX Workspace makes creating customer-facing documentation simple, and efficient with an intuitive drag & drop UI.


Securely publish specifications with full access control

Sharing your specs by email is insecure, and deeply inefficient. FIX Workspace gives you secure, transparent digital spec distribution with end-to-end encryption and a full audit trail.

How to create Digital Documentation

How to re-use API documentation

How to compare FIX specifications

Powered by FinSpec

FinSpec - the key to digital documentation

FIX Workspace is built around FinSpec, an open-source JSON schema which combines both human, and machine-readable data into a single, re-usable format.

Digital Specifications are the key to unlocking efficient API development processes, and enable automated connectivity projects. Creating, editing, and managing Digital “FinSpecs” is at the very heart of FIX Workspace, with an intuitive, browser-based drag & drop UI.

FIX Workspace enables you to generate specs from logs, import from Word, or utilise the Spec Digitisation Service, where we take your Word or PDF file as the source, re-order, re-structure, and back-fill from the FIX Standards to produce a “complete” specification, delivered direct to your FIX Workspace.

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