Mini-series: How to make your specs work harder in #dospecsdifferently.

In this mini-series, #dospecsdifferently, we want to delve into getting your specs right. Everything we’re doing in our #dofixdifferently series is all about trying to make your firm more automated, smarter and get customers onboard faster.

Getting your specs right is a really key part of that. One of the things people always ask is, why did we call the company FixSpec, and they assume it’s because of FIX the protocol. And well, of course, that helps with Google, but it’s also a play on the verb, “to fix”. We want to improve the way people manage specifications, which is one of the key ingredients for a faster, more automated onboarding process.

Mini-series: Introduction

Ep 1: The basics

Ep 2: Message context

Ep 3: Bringing specs to life

Ep 4: Describing change

Ep 5: Taking your first step

We want to hear what you think about specs, whether you’ve had success with machine-readable documentation, and what is potentially stopping their use within your firm. Let us know in the comments below the video, or drop us a note at

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