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Effective Connectivity Series #1: Clarity Up Front

Whether you deal with FIX or propreitary protocols, and whether you work for a vendor, trading venue or broker, this series is for you. If you'd like to receive a monthly newsletter of these on-boarding updates, then please leave your email at the end of this post (we promise to only send you these updates - no spam and we won't give or sell your email to anyone else).

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Effective Connectivity Series #2: Five Tips For Improving Your Specs

Sometimes writing and maintaining documentation can feel pointless, especially for banks which routinely accommodate customers requests to either default or override their standard API messages. After a while, the internal perception becomes that the "formal" FIX specification has little value; as something that simply represents the starting point for discussion as opposed to a firm document.

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Effective Connectivity Series #3: Writing Good Certification Tests

This post is primarily written for readers what are part of the onboarding team who are either upgrading existing customers to new API functionality or conforming new customers to your trading service or market data platform.

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Effective Connectivity Series #4: The Right Tracking Tool For FIX Connectivity

Running a connectivity desk in an investment bank or trading venue is hard. There is always too much to handle and the ever-present budget constraints demanding that you "do more with less" or make it work with what you can beg, borrow or steal...

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Effective Connectivity Series #5: The Weekly Cycle

If your company has a development team, then the chances are that they are using "agile" development techniques. "Agile" can sometimes mean different things to different people, and so instead of delving into the nuts and bolts, let's state some of the primary goals of agile development...

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