Fixspec, a supported, cloud-based FIX connectivity platform that enables banks, exchanges, and trading venues to connect, test, and comply FIX integration customers, has launched a new Workflow Management product to create full end-to-end visibility over connectivity projects.

Building on the successes of core testing, certification, and digital specifications tools, “Flow” allows connectivity teams to map out multiple workflows, automate repeatable processes, and manage onboarding timelines on a visual, easy-to-reference dashboard.

“Being able to easily identify the status of a customer onboarding project, identify blockers, and share an expected live date allows internal teams to be more efficient, accountable, and provide a better quality of service”

Chris Lees, fixspec

Coinciding with the launch of a new brand, we are excited to add Workflow Management as an integral part of our integrated suite of tools. In addition to making operations and connectivity teams more efficient, “Flow” can give Sales teams, as well as Senior Management teams, key information about where new customer onboarding projects are, with expected delivery dates based on how long key parts of the project have taken to date.

But Flow is much more than a task management and workflow planning tool. 

With our fixspec workflow template, connectivity teams can easily edit and customise their own workflows, trigger key tasks & events (including triggered emails) and build out custom processes that are repeatable for future onboarding projects. From a welcome email, new customer data collection, through to triggering testing & certification scenarios, Flow oversees the end-to-end project.

Our mission is always to invest time developing tools that address core issues facing onboarding teams, creating innovative solutions to real-world problems, and we believe visibility and end-to-end workflow management is an exciting step towards easing the pain for connectivity teams across the industry.

With the fixspec platform, we believe it is entirely feasible to replace individual tools, such as JIRA, Excel, and bespoke internal systems, with a single integrated platform. 

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