Peeling the FIX Onion - Is there more to FIX than you thought?

In this week’s episode of #doFIXdifferently, Chris Lees takes a look at the different layers that make up FIX, peeling the FIX onion to highlight some of the component blocks that you might not be aware of.

We walk through a diagram from the FIX Trading Community, looking at the 4 layers:

  • Application – a collection of messages constructed from tags from FIX 4.2, FIX 4.4 or FIX Latest.
  • Encoding – how the tags and values are assembled into a payload on the wire.
  • Session – how FIX sessions are created and maintained.
  • Transport – how messages physically move from one party to another.

By understanding these layers, we hope to broaden your horizon and let you identify opportunities to quickly re-use existing FIX constructs in your firm rather than re-inventing the wheel.

For example, could you use FIX JSON to represent objects internally within your system rather than something custom?

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