What's The Big Picture?

Smart, Real-Time Monitoring

Save your support team from wasting time scrolling through log files or writing scripts. Central gives you a searchable, real-time picture of activity with decoded messages and specification deviations.

  • Monitor traffic in real-time with a unique, directional time-line
  • View decoded messages for any protocol (using your spec - not standards)
  • Validate full messages against your specification
  • Search and filter easily across parsed messages

Automated Certification Process

Give your onboarding team the tools they need to make certification a breeze and be more responsive to customers.

  • Monitor traffic and automatically record certification passes
  • Receive a daily recap of customer testing progress
  • Add extra tests and certify historic data - no need to disturb the customer
  • Test historic flow against future specification versions

Fast, Affordable Deployment

Think Central may be too expensive, too slow or too difficult to implement? Think again. Our deployment and variable pricing options are designed to suit firms of all sizes and budgets.

  • Choose cloud-hosted or on-premise deployment
  • Get up and running in a few days with our cloud solutions
  • Hand over what gives you headaches - we handle the initial data load of specifications, customers and scenarios
  • Benefit from our variable pricing models and discounts for very low activity users

The Details That Matter

Real Time Monitor

See and search across all activity in real time. No more log tailing or grepping.

Spec Decoding

Decode and automatically validate messages of any protocol against your specification.

No Need To Book

Since Central continually listens to your environment, so 'test slots' are a thing of the past.

No Script Scenarios

Scenarios that are easy for non-techies to write. No scripting - everything aligns to your spec.

Multi-Day Certification

Customer can't finish in a single day? Simply choose the window and Central will manage it.

One Click Certify

Certification is as simple as querying for the client and then click to see the results.

How Does Central Help My Firm?

How Central Helps The Sell Side

Any delay to onboarding is a delay to revenue. FixSpec's Central is designed to eliminate manual tasks, giving you the tools you need to get the customer connected fast. Central can also monitor outbound messages to trading venues and brokers, too, letting you troubleshoot and test on your schedule.


How Central Helps Trading Venues

The larger you grow, the more customers and vendors you must monitor and check for each release. FixSpec's Central puts this process on auto-pilot, making release re-certification and onboarding of new customers simple. We even recap progress each day for you, so you can focus on your next great release instead of onboarding and tests.


How Central Helps Software Venues

Testing and certifying change is an ongoing battle, and coordination delays with trading venues or brokers can slow progress. FixSpec's Central can monitor outbound traffic against the target API. So instead of asking the venue why a message was rejected, you can now troubleshoot that yourself in real time, and build testing packs for future internal releases.


How Central Helps Start-Ups

With a million other demands on your time, should your limited resources really be manually searching logs? FixSpec's Central helps start-ups deploy a professional, efficient onboarding experience to prospects quickly and simply. And thanks to our variable pricing model, it won't blow your budget.