What's The Big Picture?

Premium Customer Service

FixSpec's SideKick is a premium service, offering your customers direct access to tools typically only available to internal teams (no impersonal websites here!).

  • Integrated API documentation, including in-line differencing tools
  • Customized specifications support
  • Always-available service, allowing customers to develop at a pace that suits them
  • Immediate message error feedback to promote independent troubleshooting

No Extra Scripting

Unlike home grown or commercial alternatives, SideKick requires zero additional scripting for each release - it just works.

  • Electronic specifications come directly from FixSpec's SpecServer
  • Certification scope and scenarios come from FixSpec's Central to avoid re-coding
  • Seamless traffic monitoring in your existing testing environment - no canned responses
  • Easy setup - no separate network connection required

Faster, Easier Onboarding

Empower your clients with tools to troubleshoot independently and at their own pace, freeing your team to offer more proactive and high-touch support.

  • Real-time message validation, helping developers fix errors immediately
  • Message validation that shows all errors at once, not just the first one causing the reject
  • Self-guided certification, including a distraction-free, step-by-step "play mode"
  • Consistent views between your team and customers, making support a cinch

The Details That Matter

White Labelling

SideKick is designed to be white-labelled with your branding and contacts.

Real-Time View

Your customers see their traffic in real time as they interact with your test system.

Same Connection

SideKick listens to your existing environment, so clients only need to make one connection.

Distraction Free Mode

'Play Mode' lets developers step through tests one at a time, and at their own pace.

Latest Specification

The latest specifications are displayed in SpecServer, ensuring customers are always up to date.

No Need To Book

SideKick is always listening, so clients can view and troubleshoot traffic whenever it suits them.

How Does SideKick Help My Firm?

How SideKick Helps The Sell Side

Some view self-service certification as an effective tool to onboard lower-margin or remote customers. Others see the ability for customers to troubleshoot their own traffic in real-time as a VIP service. Whatever your perspective, SideKick provides your onboarding team with extra flexibility to improve the customer experience while improving internal efficiency.


How SideKick Helps Trading Venues

Supporting a large customer base through upgrade releases is time- and resource-intensive. SideKick offers the ability for customers to understand change and re-certify directly, significantly reducing the operational effort for each release so they can run like clock-work.


How SideKick Helps Software Venues


Vendors Button

How SideKick Helps Start-Ups

With internal resources at a premium, wouldn't it be great to help customers help themselves, and always be there when they really need you? By letting customers and vendors see and certify their own traffic, SideKick gives an awesome first impression and accelerates onboarding while reducing basic support inquiries.