What's The Big Picture?

Better Management

SpecServer brings all of your documents into a single system (irrespective of protocol), making API management simple, easy and effective.

  • Collaborative editing and commenting with full audit trail
  • Firm-wide repositories - all of your messages and fields in a single place
  • Simple clone and import capabilities to quickly create new document versions
  • Consistent, easy-to-use UI across all protocols
  • Customer-specific specifications that are easy to create and maintain

Enhanced Understanding

We work hard to bridge the gap between how authors write documents and how developers want to consume them.

  • Powerful search - jump directly to what you want to see
  • Customer-specific views
  • Automated updated and imports with ability to link SpecServer instances
  • Unique functional views showing message use within a business context
  • In-line comparisons to understand differences between versions or industry standards

Reusable Specs

Wave goodbye to manually editing machine-readable files. SpecServer is the golden source for all spec requests, and is designed for reuse.

  • White-labelled PDFs can be created directly from SpecServer
  • Exportable to a variety of machine-readable industry and custom formats
  • Open-source finspec format, ready for internal or external use
  • Easy integration into QA, development or onboarding processes
  • Consistent, multi-protocol approach

The Details That Matter

Simple Editing

Simple, in-browser editing with full audit trail. Writing specs has never been so easy or beautiful.

Powerful Search

One global search across all fields, messages and documents. Find it quick.

Repository View

Our unique, top-down management view across all specifications brings consistency to your specs.

Inline Differencing

Simple yet powerful inline differencing that works across versions, messages and specs.

Online Commenting

Collaborate with colleagues by adding comments to specifications.

Import - Export Formats

Import from machine-readable sources, and export to common formats or branded PDF.

How Does SpecServer Help My Firm?

How SpecServer Helps The Sell Side

Investing in API documentation delights your customers by delivering the right detail in the right way to let developers code right the first time. It helps you, too, by enabling you to reach levels of consistency and reusability that simply aren't possible with traditional methods.


How SpecServer Helps Trading Venues

Keeping customers and vendors updated for each functional release can be a headache, especially for mandatory upgrades. Clearly communicating the change is key, which is why SpecServer not only alerts customers to the change, but also gives them tools to quickly and easily understand how the change impacts them.


How SpecServer Helps Software Venues

In the future, financial services APIs may be shared in a common machine-readable file format, and cars may fly. Just as we wouldn't rip up roads just yet, we can't assume all specs will be machine-readable overnight, either. FixSpec's SpecServer moves the industry forward today by delivering a better way to produce, consume and manage API documents that works for everybody.


How SpecServer Helps Start-Ups

Your break-through success critically depends on getting customers connected, but start-ups often face the chicken-and-egg challenge of limited liquidity. FixSpec's SpecServer helps you quickly assemble best-practice documentation to showcase your API in the best light, providing target vendors with the answers they need to understand development effort.