Contributing to an open-source FIX engine with Christoph John

In this week’s #dofixdifferently, Chris Lees talks to Christoph John, one of the key contributors to the QuickFIX/J FIX engine.

Christoph is a Senior Software Developer for MACD, a financial services software company over in Aachen, Germany. Since 2011 Christoph has been a core code contributor to the QuickFIX/J engine, which is a full-featured FIX messaging engine written 100% in Java.

We dive into what it’s like to run open-source software, the history of the QuickFIX/J engine, and how you can get involved.

The QuickFIX engine was launched in 2002, and there are several implementation variants of the QuickFIX engine, including:

– QuickFIX/J, a Java open-source implementation.
– QuickFIX/n, a C# and .NET open-source implementation.
– QuickFIX/Go, a Go open-source implementation.

More information on QuickFIX/J:

More information on MACD:

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