SpecServer is our specification editing and viewing tool. It gives API owners the power to manage and maintain their documentation with ease, while making communication with customers quick and effortless.

FixSpec customers maintain their documentation on their own servers, but these join the SpecServer network and share documentation automatically and electronically.

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Check Your Inbox...

You should find an email from us with an access link to let you set a password and access SpecServer.

If you have any problems, drop us a line at happytohelp@fixspec.com.

What Can I Do With SpecServer?

SpecServer’s tools make the task of coding to an API easier. You’ll be able to:

  • Explore both API-specific documentation and industry standards
  • Easily compare anything-to-anything to understand what's changed right on your screen
  • Validated and decode FIX messages against a custom specification*
  • Export to a variety of different formats including PDF, FinSpec (JSON), QuickFIX XML, FIXML and FIX Orchestra format

* All processing takes place locally on your computer - data is not sent to our servers

How Much Does It Cost?

SpecServer is FREE for end users.

Publication on fixspec.com is free for API owners using SpecServer to document their specs, with automated publication options available.

Can I Access Any Spec In Here?

We’re very careful about protecting the intellectual property and copyright of API owners, so access depends on your instructions to us.

Some firms in our network have asked to approve users accessing their specs, so there's an online permission system for that. Others are fine with all users viewing them.

Why Don't You Have Specs From ... On Here?

What we’re doing is radical and new, so some people haven’t woken up to the benefits of electronic API documentation.

We’re working hard to make electronic API documentation accessible and affordable for everyone, but in the meantime we must respect the IP and copyright of others.

So if you know someone who you think would benefit from electronic specs, please ask them to get in touch with us.