+ Testing & Certification

Simple, repeatable, and transparent certification

fixspec monitors your existing test environment, validating message traffic in line with your FIX specification, and displays human-readable values and errors in real-time.

Automated Testing & Certification

Our always-on testing & certification environment allows multiple customers to run concurrent tests as and when they like, without having to book a test slot

Connect to your existing UAT environment
Validate message traffic against a target specification
See human-readable values & errors in real time
One-click certification results & reports
Create and edit custom scenarios on an intuitive GUI
Multi-day, custom certification windows
Customers can self-serve on their schedule
‘Play mode’ to walk customers through conformance
An integrated ecosystem

Automated Testing & Certification with a bespoke customer support portal

Personalise the whole developer experience. No more fragmented documentation sites or cross-referencing endless PDFs – customers log in and see the bite-sized information they actually need, when they need it.

Custom Design
Your Logo, Colours, & Fonts

How does this help my customers?

  • Empower customers to self-serve in their own time
  • Give them real-time data
  • Bespoke pathways through onboarding and upgrades
  • Connectivity without the headaches

And for your internal teams?

  • Fewer customer queries and tickets
  • Less manual tasks, more automation
  • Visual progress dashboard
  • Control over what customers are seeing

Testing & Certification is part of an integrated ecosystem

With FixSpec, start with the tools you need, then build, scale and automate over time