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Simulate or Don't Simulate: That is the question

5 min read Chris Lees 9th Feb 2018

Conformance Best Practice

The Truth About Specs (And Why You Should Invest In Yours)

3 min read Chris Lees 1st Feb 2018

API Specification Best Practice

MiFID 2 & FIX Conformance: A Reality Check

4 min read Chris Lees 17th Nov 2017

FIX Certification MiFID II

FinSpec Schema 0.3 introduces workflow support

2 min read FixSpec 3rd May 2016

API Specification FinSpec

FinSpec Schema 0.2

2 min read FixSpec 31st Mar 2016

API Specification FinSpec

FixSpec Open Source Machine-Readable ROE Format - FinSpec Schema

2 min read FixSpec 2nd Mar 2016

API Specification FinSpec

Introducing Machine Readable ROEs - FinSpec Schema

3 min read FixSpec 2nd Mar 2016

API Specification FinSpec

Science Says Paper Beats PDF: Can APIs Beat Them Both?

4 min read Chris Lees 6th Dec 2015


Can Continual Certification Keep Everyone Safe?

3 min read FixSpec 22nd Jul 2015

API Conformance

Why I'm Concerned For The FIX Service Profile

4 min read FixSpec 15th Jul 2015

API Specification FinSpec

Fixspec Upgrades Free Tools and Machine-Readable Specifications

2 min read FixSpec 5th Jun 2015


Aiming for the perfect specifications

4 min read Gwen Renaud 16th Dec 2014

API Specification Best Practice

Seven tips for being more productive

4 min read Chris Lees 23rd Nov 2014


FixSpec Releases Central 3.0 - The Vendor Edition

2 min read FixSpec 2nd Jun 2014

Certification API

FixSpec Launches Central: A Radical New Platform For Improved Customer Service and Monitoring

2 min read FixSpec 17th Aug 2013

Product Certification API