FinSpec 2.1 Release & SpecServer API

FixSpec 25th Feb 2019
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Today we announcing the release of FinSpec 2.1, along with SpecServer API.

FinSpec 2.1 is a backwardly-compatible update to our open-sourced, machine-readable format, adding additional enhancements focussed on the description of API workflows; how message conversations happen over the API. Updated documentation and examples can be found on our Github page.

While FinSpec is "native" to our SpecServer editor, our policy of supporting a variety of common export formats continues. The current list of export formats available from SpecServer includes:

  • Quickfix XML
  • FIX Trading Community "Unified" format
  • FIX Trading Community "Orchestra" format (Release Candidate 3)
  • FIX Trading Community FIXML
  • Branded Word / PDF

FinSpec plays an important part in another unique feature of our SpecServer product, however, in that it is the interchange format used to network SpecServer instances together, allowing them to automatically share specification updates without the need for email distribution lists. Indeed, it is the key building block which allows FixSpec's customers to automatically publish machine-readable specifications from their dedicated, internal environments into the public SpecServer instance available from

As a protocol-agnostic format, FinSpec is a suitable schema for both FIX and non-FIX protocols. And its JSON format makes it particularly suitable for web APIs - the second part of our launch today.

SpecServer instances now offer a REST web API to query specification-level data for use in other applications. The REST API can be used to retrieve individual fields or messages, or to download entire specifications in any of our supported export formats.

Potential use-cases of the REST API might include:

  • A machine-readable specification that can go into an automated test harness to validate that the API behaves according to the latest documentation.
  • Internal monitoring or validation tooling, where there is a need to compare or view FIX messages in a human-readable way (which doesn't require re-coding for every release or falling back to FIX standard definitions).
  • Internal tag look-up widgets which show the list of internally-used FIX tags and enumerations, and your preferred descriptions.

This is one of a suite of REST APIs, facilitating third-party integration into the FixSpec product suite. Other APIs provide for customer data input and retrieval (such as CompIDs or contacts), and certification-level detail.

For more information on the FinSpec schema or to get involved in its direction, please visit our Github page.

For more information on the SpecServer API, FinSpec schema or FixSpec products generally, please drop us a line at

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