FinSpec Schema 0.3 introduces workflow support

FixSpec 3rd May 2016
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We have just released a version 0.3 of our FixSpec schema which introduces support for state-transitioning workflows.

Workflows are a crucial, yet underestimated part of specifications. They are a powerful source of information for developer and business analysts to understand the client/server interactions and the intricate relationship between technical messages.

And they are not only useful for ROE readers. They can be a great source of efficiency for ROE publishers. Here is a couple of direct potential applications for automation:

  1. Generation of diagrams State diagrams naturally fit the suggested model but its use can certainly be extended to sequential diagrams which are more traditionally used in our industry.

  2. Creation of test cases The aimed structure should holds all the pieces of information required to programmatically derive test cases for quality insurance and client certification purposes.

For this new structure, we have followed the principles of Finite State Machine (FSM) model. It allows the description of the following objects:

  • States Definition of all the possible states in the life of the business element you are modelling: order, quote, trade report etc... You can precise if this state is initial, final or transitional.

  • Transitions They are defined by the following variables: start state(s), events (messages with field conditions triggering the transition) and resulting outputs (responses with end states).

You will find more documentation at We have included some sample (including diagram) to help you get familiar with it.

This initial version is merely a starting point for a larger discussion opened to everyone interested in contributing to this project. So please go check it out and give us your feedback - how can we make this more useful to you, to our community?

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