FixSpec Releases Central 3.0 - The Vendor Edition

FixSpec 2nd Jun 2014
2 min read

Certification API

FixSpec announce the launch of version 3.0 of it's powerful enterprise certification and monitoring platform - Central.

The release adds features particularly relevant for the OMS/EMS vendors and FIX network community, including:

  1. Powerful specification editing. Collaborative, in-browser editing allowing the whole team to view and contribute to a library of specifications.
  2. Unique "Functional View". See technical messages in a specific business context, removing all unneccessary options or fields. Awesome for broker algos.
  3. FIXatdl import. Extract specification information out of FIXatdl files and convert them into functional views ready to monitor flows or configure systems.
  4. Customized export options. Extract specifications in machine-readable, custom formats to configure internal systems. Maintain in Central, re-use everywhere.
  5. Replay / Retest function. Replay captured traffic against an updated specification to instantly see what breaks and to re-certify clients based on their existing data.
  6. Inbound & outbound. Monitor and validate outbound flows to help identify where your understanding of a destination's spec differs from your understanding.

FixSpec founder Chris Lees commented "The market response to Central since launch just 9 short months ago has been amazing. It is clear that our approach to both product and pricing puts clear blue water between FixSpec and other vendors in this space. In particular, our clear strategic focus on building market-relevant software instead of selling professional services frees us up to continually develop Central at an enviable pace that delivers responsive, innovative software to our customers with price certainty".

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