Fixspec Upgrades Free Tools and Machine-Readable Specifications

FixSpec 5th Jun 2015
2 min read


FixSpec's founding vision is that the creation and sharing of machine-readable API specifications can unlock massive efficiency gains in financial markets connectivity. FixSpec are pleased to announce the latest upgrades to in support of that vision.

The upgrade delivers a fresh new display for online specifications (of any protocol), breaking with traditional table layouts to offer users a more versatile layout for an enhanced user experience, and easier search and navigation. Significant improvements include:

  • Greater consistency between FIX and non-FIX specification layouts.
  • Fast search within a specification, quickly find all other instances of a field within the spec.
  • Simple filters to de-clutter messages - filter required fields only, and show / hide field detail.
  • Users can now customise specs by adding private notes to any field.
  • Clean, predictable URL constructions that are easy to share.
  • Excel now joins JSON, QuickFIX and fix8 in our growing library of export formats.

Gwen Renaud, FixSpec Partner commented "we hope that developers and on-boarders, regardless of their responsibilities and profile, will see our free tools as an indispensable companion to help them successfully and efficiently achieve their daily tasks.".

Access to FixSpec's global, multi-asset repository of financial services documentation and developer tools is provided free of charge to the community. FixSpec's flagship product Central is proven to dramatically reduce the burden of connectivity certification for venues of all sizes. Central is scalable enough to accommodate even the most demanding of high-volume, multi-protocol, globally-distributed environments, and is delivered with exceptional customer service and transparent, fixed pricing.

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