FIX connectivity should operate like a well-oiled machine, almost on auto-pilot. It should be a key differentiator for your firm; a change that is appreciated by both customers and management.

The reality is that every single day that a customer is stuck in a development queue somewhere means wasted resources and a missed opportunity to build liquidity in your business.

Now the problem is that the language these computers speak is FIX. It predates the internet. It’s old, it’s clunky, and the resources who know about it, well, they command a premium and that’s where we come in.

We can give you the tools the software and processes you need to build a well-oiled connectivity machine that tracks liquidity into your business.

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Secure your place now

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Firms we’ve helped:

The problem.

  • Everything is manual - nothing scales
  • Frustration at fragmented tools & process
  • Feel like you're not in control or constantly fighting fires
  • Feel like you're stuck or unappreciated in your role

The solution.

  • The 'Five Principles' of efficient FIX connectivity
  • An understanding of what “good looks like”
  • An understanding of how to bring value to your firm
  • A roadmap for the future

Presented by Chris Lees.

25-year Financial Services specialist, working with blue chip brands, dedicated to breathing new life into an under-appreciated but fundamental area of financial markets.

“Chris is someone who is thinking at the cutting-edge of what
needs to be done in the FIX world.”

– Global Head of Connectivity, Tier 1 investment bank

Do you want to turn your trading connectivity process into a well-oiled machine?

Learn how to make a measurable improvement to your connectivity process that your boss will thank you for.

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