We’ve spoken to numerous firms who have a desire to enable customers to self-serve onboarding and ongoing integration. More often than not, however, it hasn’t been pursued as it is seen as too challenging a project, or are unaware that the tools to do so exist in the first place.

At fixspec, we are always striving to develop tools that help increase visibility, efficiency, and reduce the reliance (and time) on connectivity teams. With the right information, functionality, and support, there’s no reason why self-service can’t be a viable option for firms of any size. 

But what does self-service connectivity really mean?

Step 1.

Access the tools for the job

It all starts with accessing the right tools. A single place where your customers can access your specifications, see testing messages and errors in real-time (and in a human-readable format), run certification scenarios, and download certification results & reports.

Our Customer Portal gives your customers the ability to instantly reference your specification, build their integration, test, and certify all in one place. Plus the connectivity team have full visibility over where the customer is in the process, giving you easy-to-reference information on when each integration project will be complete.

Step 2.

Test & Self-certify

OK, so imagine that the customer has the spec and has begun developing their internal systems. What next?

The way it likely works for your firm today is to let the customer conduct their testing at their own pace and then wait for the phone call for clarification or to report that something isn’t working. Following a lengthy, manual review of the log files, you locate the issue, address the issue and customer testing resumes.

A better option is to provide them with the tools to test & certify themselves, providing them with human-readable feedback & errors in real-time. With the information available, they can address errors and re-test without having to pick up the phone to you. On your side, you can see exactly what they are testing, and support them (if necessary) with specific feedback to address the errors. Your team can check in to see progress at any point, and proactively reach out to the customer to offer assistance if you see them struggle.

Step 3.

Extend functionality & re-certify

Now imagine that the customer has been successfully using your services for 6-12 months with no issues.

They now want to extend the services they consume, or change, something about their integration with your systems.

Rather than picking up the phone and starting from scratch, what if they could log into their customer portal, update the functionality they want to use, and complete the re-certification process independently?

With our customer portal, you can empower the customer to get more out of your service and mitigate the risk of errors and downtime in production.

Using the fixspec platform, you can give your customers the power to self-serve the entire onboarding process, reducing resource requirements internally, and enabling you to onboard more customers concurrently.

Find out more about our Customer Portal and how it can work for your firm.

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