It might seem obvious, but why wouldn’t you re-certify customers annually, or following a new API release?

Historically the answer might be; “Because we don’t actually know what to re-certify them for” or perhaps “because we don’t want to inconvenience the customers” (which might really mean you don’t want to go through the pain). But in truth, we would likely all agree that regular re-certification can minimise errors, reduce time, and – most importantly – mitigate the risk of problems in production.

Certification shouldn’t be a painful process, but we appreciate it can be if the different elements of the project don’t come together.

Our platform can significantly reduce the number of errors during that process, and therefore the time spent problem-solving connectivity issues. But, when it comes to re-certification, this is where the fixspec platform continues to add significant value beyond the initial onboarding project.

A year may have passed, and your customer has been successfully trading during that time, but how do you know which services they are actually using?

With the fixspec platform, you can see what your customer has certified for when they last passed, and which member of your team completed the certification process.

But why re-certify at all?

Sales & Customer service

Being able to accurately know what your customer is using gives your firm crucial visibility to contact and engage customers correctly and boosts your firm’s regulatory compliance and minimises your exposure. You can also predict the impact of a new release based on customer usage and historical data.

Furthermore, being able to accurately pinpoint connectivity issues based on usage gives you the information to provide much better customer service. Rather than having to call the customer back, search through old emails, documents, and log files to find out what they originally certified for, you can reference all their customer data on an intuitive UI at the click of a button.

New capabilities & re-certification

With all the customer data and connectivity history in one place, the process of re-certification becomes simpler and laser-targeted. Whether re-certification is triggered by an annual process, a new release, or the customer increasing their usage or capabilities, the fixspec platform brings all the key elements required together.

When you are ready to begin the process, simply trigger your re-certification workflow project in Flow, share the latest spec from Cloud Specifications, test & re-certify, and export results and reports.

But how does re-certification protect my firm?

Regular re-certification:

  • Reduces errors in production which can have an impact on trading revenue.
  • Maintains visibility for the sales & customer services team, ensuring accurate billing and providing a better customer service.
  • Makes approaching a new release a predictable, and manageable process.
  • Boosts your firm’s regulatory compliance and minimises your exposure.
  • Provides a natural opportunity to engage customers in conversation, to promote additional products and services which may be attractive to them.
  • Reduces the resource requirement for problem-solving.

Find out more about our Testing & Certification and how re-certification can become a simple, and repeatable process.

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