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Creating systemic change through leadership.

A deep understanding of the market empowers us to create tools that make real positive change.

Our founders have worked for major exchanges, brokers and software vendors across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. We’ve written FIX specs, and we’ve built custom integration to third-party specs. We’ve seen the inefficiency first-hand and are uniquely positioned to build the innovative solutions needed to make a difference.

We have invested the time to understand the core issues facing onboarding teams, create innovative solutions to the problems, and maintain partnerships with some of the biggest names in financial services.

We don’t sell expensive consultants, and we hate hidden fees. You won’t catch us handing out pens from expensive conference stands. We simply want to help solve your onboarding pain points.

"We treat every client - no matter how big or small - as a trusted, long-term business partner rather than a number on a spreadsheet."

Our leadership team

50 years of experience in financial service integration.

Seamless FIX integration for any asset class.

Our FIX integration experience empowers us to offer innovative solutions to day-to-day challenges happening right now across the financial services industry. We’ve created a bespoke platform that works across all asset classes, making onboarding customers across Investment Banking, Trading Venues, and Financial Exchanges consistent, repeatable, and transparent.

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