Creating systemic change through leadership

A deep understanding of the market empowers us to create tools that make real positive change.

Our founders have worked for major exchanges, brokers and software vendors across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. We’ve written API specifications, built systems tools and processes for industry-leading investment banks, exchanges, and trading venues. We’ve seen the inefficiency first-hand and are uniquely positioned to build the innovative solutions needed to make a difference.

We have invested the time to understand the core issues facing API connectivity teams, create innovative solutions to the problems, and maintain partnerships with some of the biggest names in financial services.

We commit to donating a minimum of 1% of gross revenue to environmental causes each year.

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses to support environmental solutions.

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Some of the projects we support:

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We are committed to supporting and promoting a sustainable future and to improving environmental well being in the financial services industry. In addition to our 1% pledge, we actively reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Using server infrastructure running on 100% renewable energy
  • Minimising business travel and traveling by train where possible

This web page is also 86% cleaner than all websites tested on Website Carbon, and emits only 0.15g of CO2 for each page load.

Our Leadership Team

50 years of experience in financial service integration

Chris Lees

After a successful career in product management for investment banks, brokers, multiple exchanges, and a software vendor, Chris came to the conclusion that the way firms connect with each other was in need of radical change.

Chris is driven to improve the way API integration happens, making it faster, easier, and less painful for everybody.

Gwen Renaud

Gwen has worked in the trading industry for over 18 years, implementing and supporting clients and exchange connectivity in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. She believes that in today’s environment, companies that stay ahead of the game are the ones that invest in productivity tools to gain efficiency, make their resources achieve their full potential, and keep their customer satisfaction high.