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Watch: What is solved and unsolved in the world of FIX?

This week, joining Chris Lees as he takes a look at the FIX landscape, which elements are solved, and which have room for improvement. We cover FIX engines, the challenges of FIX migration, FIX standards, FIX certification, Testing and QA, FIX log parsing, automation, and the importance of machine-readable FIX specifications.

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Watch: How to do FIX differently with Chris Lees

Chris Lees explores doing FIX differently, discussing the systems, tools, and processes that surround FIX, which can help FIX onboarding, and production support to be more efficient. In the #doFIXdifferently series, we will dive into key themes such as automation, and how to be more efficient, and smarter with the resources available.

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Why you should invest in machine-readable API documentation

Machine-readable API documentation is the future. We discuss why firms should invest time to innovate specifications to a point where they are genuinely useful, and why innovation doesn't mean starting from scratch.

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5 common challenges when looking to automate

In our recent webinar series, we painted (we think) a fairly compelling picture of where we feel automation can help connectivity teams. And, from everyone we’ve spoken to since, although we hit the nail on the head with the vision, the important question remains; how do I get there?

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The future of FIX: how electronic blueprints could automate API testing and conformance.

This future-focused webinar discussed what FIX could look like in 3-5 years time, how APIs (and crucially documentation) may have to change, and what role automation will play within connectivity teams.

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Business continuity in times of crisis – staying “remote” and connected

With the outbreak of COVID-19, firms around the world are looking within to review business continuity plans. In a totally novel landscape, with duration playing an indeterminate role, what are the effects of working from home for business continuity in the long term.

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Building efficient conformance: How to get your house in order

Efficiency is something that all firms aspire to. A universal goal to establish processes, minimise fragmented documentation and make communication clear and consistent. “Getting your house in order” is a simple statement, but often a daunting task.

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Software Vs People: What is automation, and how can we leverage software to reduce key man risk, and make conformance processes more efficient?

A good process can work hand-in-hand with software. A poor process creates friction between person and tooling and hinders effective automation. But how do we reach a point of confident automation?

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What does self-service connectivity really mean?

We’ve spoken to numerous firms who have a desire to enable customers to self-serve onboarding and ongoing integration. More often than not, however, it hasn’t been pursued as it is seen as too challenging a project, or are unaware that the tools to do so exist in the first place.

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What IR35 means for
FIX connectivity in 2020

In conversation with UK customers so far this year, one topic keeps coming up time and again - IR35. While this isn't a new rule (its been around since 1999), a new update coming in April will create a significant problem for UK firms employing FIX consultants across their onboarding teams.

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Seamless FIX integration for any asset class.

Our FIX integration experience empowers us to offer innovative solutions to day-to-day challenges happening right now across the financial services industry. We’ve created a bespoke platform that works across all asset classes, making onboarding customers across Investment Banking, Trading Venues, and Financial Exchanges consistent, repeatable, and transparent.

Find out why fixspec is the right solution for your customer onboarding.

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