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FixSpec is an extendable platform to manage, communicate, and automate your whole FIX API estate.

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I’m only looking for internal tools right now

I want to automate the whole connectivity area

Finally automate the whole connectivity cycle

FIX API Conformance is just the beginning

Customer certification roadmaps

On-demand Onboarding Teams

Digital, multi-use API Documentation

Integrated workflow and project management

Customer autonomy with self-service

Customer certification roadmaps

On-demand Onboarding Teams

Digital, multi-use API Documentation

Integrated workflow and project management

Customer autonomy with self-service

FixSpec is the next-generation automation tool for investment banks, exchanges, and trading venues – an ecosystem to power the future of connectivity.

We help teams manage customer API integration more efficiently, with integrated tools & processes that:

  • empower teams to create, manage and iterate customer-specific API connections.
  • give customers the power to self-serve API resources and trigger conformance.
  • automate repetitive, manual tasks such as establishing network connections.

Trusted in the industry

Our tooling and process solutions play a crucial role for some of the world’s biggest banks, exchanges, and trading venues.

Frequently answered questions

  • We won’t sugar coat it. Moving from today’s highly-manual connectivity process requires a root-and-branch review of your processes, a process to cleanse and migrate historical data and a commitment to continual improvement. This is precisely why change seems overwhelming and often happens so slowly but FixSpec is here to do all the heavy-lifting and help you to achieve new levels of automation. There is a risk of “boiling the ocean” – going from fully manual to automated cannot happen therefore overnight. From experience, the most successful approach is an iterative one. You will see quantifiable change over time that will not seem overwhelming.

  • Our software can be customised around your services and how you interact with customers. Saying that, blindly applying automation and self-service to an existing, often imperfect (possibly broken) process can lead to a poor outcome. Therefore, whilst we can help migrate existing assets and workflows, this is a golden opportunity to review everything you touch. Automation and self-service on top of great workflow.

  • We appreciate that business ebbs and flows and onboarding numbers vary. The initial onboard however is only the beginning for customers – FixSpec can help with the ongoing management of customers, automating workflows, customer releases and upgrades. A slower onboarding period also provides a perfect opportunity to review and improve your processes. We can help.

    For those new firms that are taking their first tentative steps into the marketplace, we can support them from the outset. We help to define and develop their processes and assets from the ground up. We have even operated as an augmented onboarding and customer support team…..until they are ready to take over. When we hand over the reins, many of the traditionally manual processes will have been automated and therefore there is no requirement to build an overly extensive onboarding team. Customers can self-serve!

  • Yes, but there is a natural endpoint – automation without self-service is limited. Without your customers having the power to kick-off a project and be guided through a workflow, there will always be a disconnect between your internal teams and the customer touchpoints such as documentation and forms. We do not want to remove face-time with your customers completely – it’s incredibly important and can be what set you apart from the competition – there are however several manual, repeatable tasks that customers should be self-serving and triggering workflows internally. Your teams should be able to concentrate on the high-level projects and explain complex functionality that makes your firm unique.


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