Exploring QuickFIX with its creator, Oren Miller.

In this week’s episode of #doFIXdifferently, Chris Lees talks to Oren Miller, the creator and maintainer of QuickFIX.

In this episode, Chris and Oren explore the original motivations for the project, what it’s like maintaining such a popular open-source program, and the role of electronic documentation.

QuickFIX is an open-source FIX messaging engine written in C++, created by Oren Miller and a small team from ThoughtWorks, alongside Jim Downs of Connamara Systems.

Launched in 2002, there are several implementation variants of the engine, including:

– QuickFIX/J, a Java open-source implementation.
– QuickFIX/n, a C# and .NET open-source implementation.
– QuickFIX/Go, a Go open-source implementation.

You can find out more about all the implementations, and access the source-code at quickfixengine.org.

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