FixSpec Announces Strategic Reorganisation

FixSpec Announces Strategic Reorganisation

FixSpec Announces Strategic Reorganisation 1392 812 FixSpec

London and Paris, 18th August 2023

FixSpec Limited, a leading supplier of FIX protocol automation software, is today announcing a strategic reorganisation and changes to board of directors.

Under the reorganisation, FixSpec’s sister company – FixSpec Consulting and Training Services Limited – will be renamed FixSpec Labs, to better reflect it’s focus on innovation. FixSpec Limited continues to focus on the development and maintenance of multi-protocol conformance and API documentation software for trading markets.

Explaining the re-positioning, Founder Chris Lees noted that while the adoption of the FIX protocol is both global and large, innovation and automation both within vendors and end-user firms frequently remains a future ambition consigned to technical backlogs because of a lack of time, business focus, resources and investment.

“FixSpec Limited’s software can immediately solve the common, current-world operational headaches typically faced by trading venues and firms, including automating conformance testing, project management, and API documentation consistency. FixSpec will continue to help solve the current-world problems of firms who recognise that they do not need to re-invent this wheel”.

“At the same time, we see a growing interest and demand for more modern APIs, methodologies and technology across a broader spectrum of trading and connectivity. This includes the adoption of alternative protocols such as REST and Websocket in a variety of settings, widespread use of Protobuf for both efficient encoding and code generation, and more modern developer experiences. This is the focus of FixSpec Labs – serving customers who are more innovative in their outlook and want to do things differently: the pioneers of the next generation”.

FixSpec Labs seeks to build long-term partnerships with customers to offer bespoke advisory, consulting and software services.

Chris Lees remains as Founder and director of both companies. He is now joined on the board of both companies by long-time business partner Gwen Renaud. Welcoming Gwen to the board, Chris said “Gwen’s contribution to the success of FixSpec is immeasurable. Her constant focus on continual improvement and putting the success of our customers at the forefront of everything we do, perfectly epitomises the FixSpec vision. This is very well-deserved, and I look forward to continuing to work with her on the next chapter of our company’s evolution”.

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