Internal Tools

Creating a framework for automated customer connectivity

FixSpec has become largely known for FIX Certification and, whilst conformance is important, we know this is a small piece in the customer connectivity cycle. To achieve true automation, the ecosystem needs to consider all key touch points for connectivity teams day to day.

Start with the right foundations

If you’re considering internal tooling to help your team manage customer connectivity, it’s important to start with the right foundations that allow you to grow and layer on functionality over time.

Documentation Store
Customer Forms
Reference Data

Expose functionality to your customers over time

Creating a seamless developer experience

From customers making that first initial connection, all the way to ongoing management and upgrades, we believe the developer experience should be seamless and as pain-free as possible. Your customer’s should be coordinated with your internal processes so connectivity teams can service customers effectively and know exactly where each one is through the cycle.

Giving your customer’s the power to self-serve many of the more repetitive tasks frees up your team to take control back of their day and concentrate on the more high-level projects that make your firm unique.

Exposing key information and functionality to your customers can:

  • Reduce the number of calls/emails from customers
  • Provide reference data in real-time
  • Onboard customers faster
  • Market services to existing customers
  • Unlock simple, transparent upgrade pathways
  • Step-by-step, automated onboarding / certification
  • Automated troubleshooting
  • Centralised distribution list management
  • Unlock time to focus on revenue-generating tasks

Trusted in the industry

Our tooling and process solutions play a crucial role for some of the world’s biggest banks, exchanges, and trading venues.