Adding FIX connectivity to a Digital Asset exchange

Adding FIX connectivity to a Digital Asset exchange

Adding FIX connectivity to a Digital Asset exchange 662 432 FixSpec

The Bullish platform boasts an order book that uniquely merges the high-performance capabilities of a central limit order book (CLOB) with the depth and reliability of an automated market maker. This fusion of liquidity sources allows Bullish to offer a robust order book for digital assets that operate independently of external price feeds or oracles. It is common for new digital asset exchanges to start with modern protocols (REST and Websocket) and later add FIX; Bullish were no different.


In alignment with FixSpec Labs’ commitment to aiding start-ups and growing companies in implementing FIX connectivity, we partnered with Bullish to navigate their journey into the world of FIX APIs. It is common for new exchanges, particularly in the digital asset space, to start with modern protocols and later transition to FIX.
Our outcome-focused consulting approach delivered a perfect solution and rapid delivery of expert knowledge to accelerate the project.


To address the challenges, FixSpec Labs closely collaborated with Bullish’s team, creating professional FIX API documentation, designing an industry-best practice API, conducting comprehensive testing, providing support with identifying and evaluating the best FIX engine on the market.


Bullish’s partnership with FixSpec Labs resulted in a reduced time to market, with expert guidance ensuring a smooth transition to FIX connectivity. This attracted institutional clients, accelerated onboarding, and delivered a dependable FIX API capable of handling high message volumes with confidence.


With decades of expertise in FIX APIs, FixSpec Labs played a pivotal role in enabling Bullish to offer a new FIX interface to institutional clients. By partnering with FixSpec Labs early in their journey, Bullish expedited project initiation and delivery.

Within just a few weeks of going live, Bullish successfully onboarded customers to the platform via FIX, processing millions of messages daily through the API.

“In short, FixSpec Labs accelerated our time to market in delivering a best-in-class FIX connectivity solution. Thanks to their expertise and support, we seamlessly onboarded our institutional clients to FIX who now happily execute millions of orders through Bullish. FixSpec Labs were and continue to be great partners of Bullish.”

At A Glance

Customer Challenges:

  • Adoption of FIX
  • Surge in institutional demand
  • Technical Testing
  • Current FIX Trends

Project Benefits:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Expert guidance
  • Best-in-class FIX Documentation
  • Industry leading API