Watch: What is QuickFIX?

Watch: What is QuickFIX?

Watch: What is QuickFIX? 700 459 FixSpec

In this week’s #90secondFIX, Chris Lees introduces QuickFIX, what it is, and how it can and should be used.

QuickFIX can either mean the open-source FIX engine or the XML format used for machine-readable FIX specifications.

In terms of the engine, QuickFIX is an open-source FIX messaging engine written in C++, created by Oren Miller and a small team from ThoughtWorks, alongside Jim Downs of Connamara Systems.

Launched in 2002, there are several implementation variants of the engine, including:

– QuickFIX/J, a Java open-source implementation.
– QuickFIX/n, a C# and .NET open-source implementation.
– QuickFIX/Go, a Go open-source implementation.

QuickFIX XML is a machine-readable dictionary format written in XML, and is the most widely used machine-readable format for FIX Specifications.

You can find out more about all the implementations, and access the source-code at

If you’d like to find out more about the QuickFIX project, check out our interview with the creator and maintainer, Oren Miller, who discusses the original motivations for the project, what it’s like maintaining such a popular open-source program, and the role of electronic documentation:

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